Prayer Requests

Urgent Prayers

One of our little friends (Kay) has a fever and we suspect it may be from his vaccination the other day. 😦 Schuyler and I prayed for him tonight but we ask you be praying for him too. We think it’s probably nothing serious, just a reaction, but my heart is heavy for him because well…he’s my special little friend. A bit of a momma’s boy I suppose you could call him, but I’ll post about Kay later and our new friendship! 😉

Long-term/until prayer is answered Prayers

  1. Please be praying for a home for the Hall’s. They’re trying to move out of the orphanage and the last house they considered buying, fell through…so they’re on the hunt again. Please pray for a great house, great price, great location, and close to the orphanage! 🙂
  2. We’ve been able to talk to Vania and Barry about the orphanage and they’ve been gracious to share their desires and needs for the ministry. Right now it looks like a good prayer to be sending up to Father is that the lady renting out the property for the Hall’s will bring down the selling price so they can buy and finish renovating and make use of EVERY space here. There are a few spaces that haven’t been renovated and so it’s unusable for living quarters because it’s just brick walls and cement flooring, so it’s used just for random storage…and it’s a lot of wasted space. So it looks like if the Hall’s could buy the property, they can finish renovating the few spaces that would be great additions for the orphanage. The only problem at the moment is finances. The lady is asking a price of 400,000 brazilian currency (which is a little over $200,000), which in all honesty is the biggest scam! Father’s Heart ministry being a Christ-following organization, have wonderful staff who truly care for the lively-hood of these children so they take phenomenal care of this place like it’s a flight deck! Everything is organized, super clean, and everything has a time and place. They have done a wonderful job keeping the spaces that are usable in great condition. However…the rest of the property…is not worth $200,000. Please be praying for direction regarding the location of this orphanage. If God wants them to stay here then we ask you to pray for the heart of this seller…and if God wants them to move, we pray God makes that known with great provisions made!
  3. For the health of the babies, staff, and the Hall family. Just want to keep everyone healthy!
  4. Health and heart for Schuyler and I. It’s been officially a week here in Brazil and we’re quite exhausted (emotionally and physically). We’re enjoying every moment of our time here, so we ask for good health and heart to KEEP ENJOYING our time here! 🙂

– Hannah

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One thought on “Prayer Requests

  1. Annette

    “the only thing worth gaining is the memory of the giving of yourself — and that will outlast time.”
    ~Ann Voscamp said this in her devotional this morning and I immediately thought of you guys. Praying for you both and all of these needs. Stay strong!

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